Fort Knox High-Security Banking
From Austin Capital Bank

Security is our #1 priority.

Other banks try to balance security with convenience. We don’t. 

We prioritize security. The easier and more convenient it is to quickly transfer money out of your account — the less secure your savings are and the more susceptible your account is to fraud. 

Custom Account Security 

Most banks use a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to account security. 

Fort Knox allows you to customize the level of security you want for your money and personal data. We offer a comprehensive list of unique security measures you can use to build your own custom security protocols for account access and funds transfers. 

Better Banking Security for Individuals and Businesses 

Fort Knox will offer accounts to keep both your personal savings and business cash reserves safer. 

Experts agree you should NEVER keep all your money in one bank. With Fort Knox, you can keep your checking account at your bank and your savings in Fort Knox! 

We’re an FDIC-Insured Bank, not a Fintech Software Company

Fort Knox is a division of Austin Capital Bank, a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured independent community bank headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States of America. 

As the bank behind Fort Knox, we’ve been recognized as a national leader in financial services technology, security, and innovation. Our banking platforms have over 1 million users nationwide.

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